Other Projects

The Monday Project
Sophie runs The Monday Project with Kate, a Melbourne jeweller, and Mr Sketchy, a sketcher also living in Melbourne. Each month a theme is set, in the form of a word, idea, picture or sentence. Responses from others are more than welcome — they don’t have to be polished (or even finished); the idea is to get the creative cogs moving and work to a deadline.

Find out more, and look at past project responses, here.

TinkTank is a collective of emerging creative types with an interest in film, television, theatre and other performing arts media. The group includes directors, writers, actors, producers, dramaturges, graphic artists and various other crewing roles. Among other things, Sophie sometimes writes for TinkTank.

Formed in 2009, TinkTank aims to produce work that is of a high artistic and professional standard, as well as providing an opportunity for emerging talent to work in roles they might otherwise be passed over for in a more established production organisation.

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