Sophie has been practicing vinyasa yoga since she was 19. She is certified with the Yoga Alliance, having completed her teacher training through Samadhi Yoga*. Now teaching yoga in Sydney, Sophie believes this ancient practice can help people find strength within themselves to enrich their lives with compassion and confidence.

Before she was able to cultivate a regular yoga practice, Sophie struggled with anxiety and stress. Through yoga, she found the support — on a physical, spiritual and mental level — to better cope with stressful situations and quiet her mind. She is excited about the growing community of yoga in Sydney, and is passionate about sharing this wonderful tradition with others. Her classes focus on slowing down in yoga poses, with a strong emphasis on breath work and an exploration of various elements of yogic philosophy. She welcomes people with all levels of experience to her yoga classes.

You can visit her yoga website here.

If you’re looking for a class schedule, you can find it here.


*Samadhi Yoga recently became Jivamukti Yoga Sydney. Their teacher training course has moved to Sukha Mukha Yoga.

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