My full portfolio is available here.

Podcast: ‘Finding a Rhythm ~ The Body of a Writer’, The Greenhouse, Emerging Writers’ Festival blog, August 2013

‘Doing Nothing: a working experiment’, The Emerging Writer: An Insider’s Guide to Your Writing Journey, June 2012

‘Growing Pains: on being vegetarian, growing your own food, and the ethics of pest control’, Death of a Scenester, Issue 5, Food, May 2012

‘Where our food comes from’, (co-written with Greg Foyster) G Magazine Issue 35, December/January 2012

‘Food Place: How we farm for Australia’s cities, how we eat when we’re in them, and what might have to change about those practices in the future’, The Lifted Brow Issue 12, October 2011

‘Practise’, Capsule Fiction

‘Landed’, Voiceworks #77, Postscript (available for purchase here)

‘The Family Hands’, Voiceworks #71, The Issues Issue

Various yoga articles, om gam yoga blog

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