I’m going to try to be good

So I’ve been pretty useless with updating this blog. I always say I’m going to, and then I never get around to doing it.

But I’m going to say, again, that I’m going to try to be good and update it regularly. Occasionally I might be sneaky and do shared posts with the Monday Project. But mainly, I’ll try to update this space with tidbits about writing and reading. I might even post a few pieces of fiction here again.

In that vein, today I finished the first draft of a short story I’ve been working on for a little while now. It’s got a long way to go, but the first draft is always the hardest bit. I’m hoping to do a lot more work on it this week, and have something that I’m comfortable presenting in class next week. We’ll see!

Next weekend I’m headed up to Newcastle to go to the This Is Not Art festival, of which the National Young Writers’ Festival is part. I’m excited about, well, almost all of the events! I’m hoping to catch up with a few people, including Miss Literary Minded, and a number of friends of mine who live in Newcastle.

I’ll try to be good and post some about it!

1 thought on “I’m going to try to be good

  1. Well done on finishing the draft of another short story. I know what you mean about the hard work of finishing a draft. I’m still recuperating from STOS #4 which I finished around mid Sept. 😉

    Have fun at the festival. I’m gearing up for NaNo on Nov … already feeling a bit freak out, hahaha!

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