A ball, The Great Gatsby; a big band; strings of pearls and drop-waisted dresses; dancing, dancing, dancing; laughing; dancing.

Sheer exhaustion. A cup of tea. Conversations surprised by the infrequency of such nights of dancing. Sleep.

1 thought on “Dancing

  1. Dandia is a dance which is very popular in some parts of India.Dance starts only after sunset and sometimes it goes on till late in the night. Both men and women dance. They dance in circle, if one group go clockwisethen the other group dance anti clock wise. there is ibrant music. The dance is energetic and fast moveing. the dancers use two sticks which they will wave and hit the sticks held by the other dancer. Dancers wear eye catching dress. The site of the dance with hundreds of dancers swaying with their sticks and colourful dress to the rhythm of music is awe inspiring.

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