Radioactive Productivity and update

My To Do List for the week before last was far too long, let’s be honest. I made myself leave things off, but it was still too long. So I am feeling a little like I’ve done, well, nothing. But I suppose that’s good too. I don’t do nothing very often. I’m bad at resting.

Going radioactive was a bit of an anti-climax. I went into a medical clinic, talked to a doctor for a bit, he put some gloves on so he didn’t have to touch the radioactive vial, and he gave me the radioiodine pill and sent me on my merry way. Goodbye thyroid. Well, eventually.

It was so anti-climactic that I kept forgetting I had to stay away from people (and the dog!). But I think I managed to stay far enough away that I wouldn’t have affected anyone. Oh, and I didn’t get any superpowers — that I’ve been able to identify so far, anyway. Ripped off!

It did mean though, that I got quite a bit of time to myself. I did a lot of writing. Not all of it I’ll actually use, word for word, but it was all necessary. This last week I’ve written many more frustrating words, trying to find the story in the situation I was writing about. Tonight I think I finally found it

So now I’m typing it up and waiting (hoping) for some trick-or-treaters to knock on my front door.


PS. This month’s theme for the Monday Project is due this coming Monday, 2 November.

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