Distraction or Inspiration?

I was supposed to be doing a whole lot of writing tonight. You know that impending deadline I wrote about it my last post?

But I’m not writing. I got a couple of emails from The Monday Project telling me that new people had uploaded their responses to last month’s theme and so I looked at that. Then I opened Google Reader and started looking at The Art of Jordan and followed a whole lot of her links around the place (and got excited that she’s part of Once Upon, along with Ben Zen). And then I remembered that I have a whole month’s worth of downloads to catch up on with emusic, and now I’ll probably look at some yoga vodcasts. Am I good at distracting myself or what?

The short answer is yes. But then (having just come up with some great excuse for my housemate to use when she doesn’t read the recipe until after she’s started cooking and discovers that she’s started in the wrong order — practise in crisis management) I thought back to something I read earlier today — an interview on Fly the Falcon with Jordan Clark of The Art of Jordan fame, in fact — about needing inspiration. I’ve decided, and this is quite likely merely me justifying my lack of work tonight, that I should occasionally allow myself these distractions because they are inspiring.

The most inspiring thing of the night was the lovely Kate’s new website — her jewellery is lovely, her practices as striving to be as sustainable as possible, and most of all she’s doing something that she loves. Have a look!

I practically bounced downstairs to make my dinner, I was so excited by creative possibility. Those of you who know me in person know I’m not an overly bouncy person, but I tell you, I was bouncing!

Inspiration is invaluable, I think. It can be overwhelming too, of course, and it’s hard to find the balance between seeking inspiration and distracting oneself. But surely one night is okay, right?

PS. For the writers out there, The Reader has been another great source of inspiration for me lately — hopefully more on this later.

2 thoughts on “Distraction or Inspiration?

  1. oh thats for the mention 🙂

    i TOTALLY know what you mean! inspiration is great but i suffered severely from it becoming a distraction!!

    i love the new header, is that paving from fed square?? hehe looks just like it!

    • It sure is Fed Square! It’s from my trip down for the Writers’ Festival. I accidentally took the photo — but it turned out kinda cool, I think.

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