Change, change, change

In the last week I’ve taken some steps towards making some (rather big) changes in my life. While I was away in NZ I had a lot of time to think, and realised that some things I thought I’d always dream about doing but never actually do, were really quite realistic.

So! To stop talking in an abstract way: I’ve resigned from my full-time job and have enrolled in a yoga teacher training course. I’ve practiced yoga for about five years now, and have always thought vaguely about how wonderful it would be to learn more about it, and to be able to share that knowledge with others. More recently I’ve also starting thinking about how well it might fit with my writing and other more creative pursuits. Writing and teaching yoga like Jodi seems an entirely realistic proposition, really.

Of course, this will mean I need to think about lots of things in my life (like money, and how to make enough to eat and pay rent) completely differently. It’s scary, but the possibilities are also really exciting.

On another note, New Zealand was great! Beautiful country, cheery people. How could anyone be grumpy when their surroundings look like this?

Ahhh… New Zealand. Will you have me back some time?

PS. If anyone has some writing work for me, or even part-time anything work let me know. I like food. It would be good to continue to eat. Seriously. I mean it.

5 thoughts on “Change, change, change

  1. Oh, what a wonderful courageous move! Congratulations! This is fantastic news! I’m literally jumping for joy of your new venture. And you have my total admiration.

    Things will work out, one way or the other.

    Merry X’mas and a Fabulous 2010! 😀

    • Thanks Hybrid J! I’m excited about it, but also a little nervous. You’re right though, things will manage to work themselves out.

      Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year as well!

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