Dinner, again

I don’t think my photography’s getting any better, but here’s another dinner: haloumi and lentil salad. Yum!

I will try to post up some thoughts on what I’m writing about (and what’s got me thinking even more closely about what I’m eating), once I’ve sorted them out in my own head. At this point I’m doing a lot of reading, watching and cooking.

For some vague idea of what I’m working on, have a look at this TED video. I have been on TED all day. All. Day. I’m obsessed. This can’t be good.

4 thoughts on “Dinner, again

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  2. thanks for the blog comment, my lovely. there’ll be a new poem each day until friday!

    & i loooooove ted. i spend hours there. haven’t seen the one you posted though, so i’m going to settle in & watch it now. hope all’s well in your world! xoxo

    • It’s addictive, isn’t it? My housemate also watches, so he’ll often direct me to a new video.

      All’s well here! Hope to see you soon, when I’m in Melbourne again x

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