I just saw these complementary signs at a train station. It seems very pointed that they choose to both label the toilet as a men’s toilet AND specify that no women should enter. Is there a particular problem with women using men’s toilets in this area, I wonder? And was the second sign put up as a matter of course, or was there some sort of community discussion about it? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of that council meeting…

6 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Are you sure that it is a “no women” sign? Despite the obvious appearance, perhaps it is meant for some other group of people.

    • You could be right! Haha… I wonder what.

      It crossed my mind that perhaps there are a lot of non-readers in that area. But then why didn’t they just put up a picture of a man? It’s the negative that intrigues me.

  2. Maybe it is not so much a problem with women using the toilet as it is women just going inside the toilet area. For example, if a woman has a young male child with her who needs to answer nature’s call and is too old for diapers but no old enough to go all by himself…

    What about the women’s toilet? Were there any signs outside of it? Did you see any similiar signs there? Or is it just men’s toilets that you like to hang around outside?

    • Haha… I was sitting on a train when I took the photo. Unfortunately I didn’t see the women’s toilets from where I was sitting. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t have the negative sign!

      This is why I love getting out of Sydney; there’s all sorts of interesting stuff to be found.

  3. I think Charles is on the money – possibly someone’s complained about a transgendered person using the restrooms. And if so… is that legal?
    (Otherwise, this may be a train station with an unusually high proportion of 18 year old girls. Too much alcohol + insufficient women’s toilets?)

    You can also list this photo as lacking in necessary apostrophes. šŸ˜‰

    • The drunken girls theory crossed my mind too, but it didn’t seem like the kind of place (suburb-wise, I mean) where that would be a problem. There’s obviously something going on! I’d love to know the answer…

      I didn’t actually notice the lack of apostrophe, which is unusual for this punctuation nut. I guess I was somewhat distracted by the odd second sign šŸ™‚

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