The Monday Project returns

As you may or may not remember, over the last couple of years I’ve been involved in running The Monday Project. My lovely friend, Kate, and I would set a theme for a project on the first Monday of every month, with responses to that theme due the first Monday of the following month. The aim of the game was to provide a little bit of inspiration to get something started, and a deadline for a little bit of a kick up the bum (because we agreed that we certainly needed both those things).

Things went a bit awry sometime last year, and Kate and I sadly lost the motivation to continue setting the themes each month. I guess we both got caught up in other things we were doing and never got back to it…

But! With some nagging gentle encouragement from another good friend, Mr Sketchy, we’re set to make a return in February. Mr Sketchy will be helping us out, and we’ve moved to new digs here on wordpress.

We’ve had some serious fun responding to these themes, and met some wonderful people through the projects. I’m sure it will continue in much the same manner! So if you’ve got any desire to do something creative, even if it’s just a tiny one, I’d encourage you to keep your eye on this space. We’ll also be sending out an email at the re-launch, and with each subsequent project. Send us an email here if you’d like to be notified that way.

I’m so excited to be restarting this! Hope to see a few new names pop up (and some old favourites too!).

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