Feeling organised…

This morning I’ve been busy organising. I’ve planned out a rather large project across 2011, breaking it down into smaller sections, which will be much easier to manage — and will hopefully mean I actually get started on them.

I think having those eyes peering at me over the computer monitor is a good thing… I feel like I’m being supervised. (Supervised by myself incidentally — the picture is a portrait a friend of mine drew for me many years ago in high school. I keep it there to remind myself of me at that age, and all the possibilities that lay ahead of me then.)

On the weekend I cleaned up my desk, organised all my files and stored stuff away under my bed. I have to move house soon, so I’m trying to get rid of anything that I don’t really need, to avoid simply moving it to another location where it will get under my feet.

I think 2011 might be the year of being organised. Last year certainly wasn’t! I’m hoping I can strike a balance between last year’s extreme go-with-the-flow attitude and the more rigidly organised person (otherwise known as a control freak) I’ve been in past years. Fingers crossed.


Today is my brother’s 22nd birthday. Happy birthday Tomarse!

4 thoughts on “Feeling organised…

  1. Congrats on being organized. I recently went through a phase where I thought I could be organized if I just had the right paper planner.

    Cost me a few days of my life, and I woke up somewhere outside a Staples, but all in all it was a valuable lesson.


    • Hahaha… yes, obsessing over the right planner is something I’ve been known to do as well. Usually that’s a form of procrastination for me though: “Well, I can’t clean up my desk and get organised until I’ve bought this wall chart…” That kind of thing.

    • Thanks Hybrid J! Same to you.

      Hope to see you over at the Monday Project sometime this year. I’d love to see some of your girl drawings tailored to suit some of the themes we’ve got planned 🙂

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