Awe and yoga

I practice yoga every day, and most days am reminded by that practice of how amazing the human body and mind are. Every now and then I come across a video of someone else’s practice, and find myself thinking: “I could never do that.”

This is one of those videos.

(I found this over at Garden of Yoga; and Jo found it at yogachick.)

I think it’s interesting that my immediate response is “I could never do that”. I remember thinking the same thing about touching my toes. And about being able to step my foot all the way forward between my hands from downward facing dog. And about practicing a headstand, or a handstand. I can do all of those things now. Half the battle, I think, is getting past that “I could never…”.

So, you know, maybe one day I’ll be able to do this.

2 thoughts on “Awe and yoga

  1. Hi Sophie,

    Thanks heaps for the comment and knowing that an old blogging friend is still around watching over my little place is wonderful!

    Same here – I’m still reading your blog post and should have drop a line or two more often … You’ve been doing great with your creative venture and definitely growing (evolving?)

    Looking forward to your short film this year, right?

    • Thanks Hybrid J! Nice to hear some words of encouragement. And nice to know that you’re still around this way sometimes 🙂

      The short film is moving slowly, but it is moving. So there might be some news there sometime soon. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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