Restorative Yoga Class in Redfern

A while back, I was going to a restorative yoga class every Wednesday evening. I remember trying to explain to a friend of mine that I often left that class feeling rather drunk—the lovely floaty, happy kind of drunk. I’d walk home, my legs feeling almost fluid, like they were moving with no effort on my part. I slept like a baby every Wednesday night (and never woke up with a hangover!).

Sadly, my schedule changed, and I was no longer able to attend that class. I’ve missed it enormously. So I was really excited to hear that a lovely Twitter friend of mine, Kat Selvocki, is running a restorative yoga series at House of Yoga in Redfern, starting tomorrow. I’m not going to be able to get to all the classes, but I am determined to make it to as many as I can.

As someone who is very bad at taking time out to just refresh, a restorative yoga class provides a structure that helps me do that. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to end your weekends, and a way to start the week feeling refreshed, I can’t recommend this series enough. Details are here.

2 thoughts on “Restorative Yoga Class in Redfern

    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this comment! Been a bit off the planet…

      Restorative yoga is designed specifically to encourage the body’s natural restoration process, which happens usually when we rest. So a restorative class is much less active physically than other styles. You’ll usually hold more passive poses for a longer period of time. I usually find it more meditative. They’re good classes to take when everything else in your life is busy-busy-busy — our bodies and minds need a balance of rest and activity, and most of us (I’m totally guilty of this) tend towards activity and forget about rest. Restorative classes are a great way to restore that balance. I’m a passionate advocate for restorative exercises, in case you can’t tell! 🙂

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