Off with the (yoga) fairies

So here’s the deal: I’m pretty immersed in the world that is yoga philosophy at the moment. It’s absolutely fascinating, if only because many of the teachings show that humans have been asking the same questions about the origin and meaning of existence forever. And they come up with fairly similar answers…

But my point is, I’m sorry, because it means I’ve neglected this space (not to mention a number of other projects). The training is coming to an end soon though, and I’m hoping this means I’ll get at least some of my brain back to talk and think about writing (amazingly, I’ve managed to get words onto paper, even if I haven’t been happy with them). I’m not sure where I’ll end up, physically or mentally, at the end of it all, once I’ve worked out how to integrate what I’m learning into my life. I may stay in Sydney, I may move back to Melbourne, I may go off travelling. For now though, I’m happy not knowing where I’m going. Which is a BIG change for me.

That said, I do have some plans forming. My big idea is one of them, I have another project on the go that I’m really excited about and will write more about here when I can, and I’ve got a few more hanging about in the wings.

In the meantime, my curiosity has finally got the better of me, and I’ve downloaded the Hipstamstic App for my phone. These are some shots I took in Newcastle while I was up there at the beginning of the week. Cool, huh?