Summer is here. The heat in Sydney on Sunday assured me of that. Luckily I have generous housemates: frozen yoghurt saved the day!

Summer, for me, means a summer reading list (or pile). I spend my holidays catching up on all the reading I wish I’d done during the year. Seriously, why I can’t keep up with my book-buying I do not know.

I’m going to New Zealand this Saturday, so I’m collecting a mental pile of books to take with me. I have about seven million books on my shelves that I’m yet to read, so I’m having a little trouble narrowing it down. Any suggestions?

The picture above is my magazine and journal reading pile. Magazines and (some) journals are a great light-weight alternative to books when you’re travelling. So I plan to take this much-culled pile with me.

Actually, I’m not sure I’m going to fit many clothes in.

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