Family holiday, part two

We stand side by side in front of the mirror. Our arms and legs are slick with sunscreen. Mum recalls a day earlier, when Dad stood just here and half-heartedly applied sunscreen to his face so that almost none of it was rubbed in, then asked her if his face was done.

‘We should both do the same to him,’ she says, and we apply the sunscreen, leaving large white streaks and blobs all over our faces.

‘How’s this?’ she says. She begins to giggle. So do I. We can’t stop.

We are doubled-over, still laughing, when Dad comes in to use the sunscreen. Mum attempts to straighten up and ask about her face. Two words, a glance at me, and she dissolves into laughter again.

Dad shakes his head at us, not sure why this recycled joke is so hilarious. Tears rolling down our cheeks now, neither are we.


Summer is here. The heat in Sydney on Sunday assured me of that. Luckily I have generous housemates: frozen yoghurt saved the day!

Summer, for me, means a summer reading list (or pile). I spend my holidays catching up on all the reading I wish I’d done during the year. Seriously, why I can’t keep up with my book-buying I do not know.

I’m going to New Zealand this Saturday, so I’m collecting a mental pile of books to take with me. I have about seven million books on my shelves that I’m yet to read, so I’m having a little trouble narrowing it down. Any suggestions?

The picture above is my magazine and journal reading pile. Magazines and (some) journals are a great light-weight alternative to books when you’re travelling. So I plan to take this much-culled pile with me.

Actually, I’m not sure I’m going to fit many clothes in.