An end and a beginning

Somehow it’s suddenly new year’s eve and I’m all thoughtful and excited, and just a little bit sad. The coming year brings exciting things, it brings change. But of course change means leaving things behind, it means missing people. I’m sure the positive will outweigh the negative, but there are certain faces I’ll miss seeing most days.

So! The year that was. This year I was published in Voiceworks; I made some new friends and spent as much time as I could with old ones; I got rained on, I got sunburnt; I went to some exhibitions; I read far more books than I realised, but far fewer than I would have liked; I wrote a short screenplay, about four short stories and the beginning of a novella; I worked full-time and studied part-time (and went a little crazy doing so); I joined a book club for a while; I stayed with my writers’ group and grew to love them all even more; I drank copious amounts of tea, and slightly less coffee; I cooked and cooked and cooked.

And the year that will be. So far, a yoga teacher training course and some more writing, and perhaps some radio production. And who knows what else!

I, like most people, say I don’t like to make new year’s resolutions but secretly make promises to myself. (On a side note, here’s an interesting article about why we insist on making and breaking resolutions each year.) So some of my promises to myself are to read more, to write more, to play the piano and sing again, to cook more, and to show some more dedication to this space and The Monday Project. I’m sure I’ll manage to think of a few more over vodka at the Russian Coachman tonight.

Have fun tonight, whatever you’re doing, and stay safe.

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