Breathe, just breathe

And so it begins. I’m freaking out. I got my last pay packet today, and it was less than usual because I’m only working one week of the fortnight, and I owed some money for some extra annual leave taken. So it’s all real now.


Just had to get that out.

I’m sure the freak-out phase will pass. And then I’ll be able to focus on getting some writing done, and sending it out there, and hopefully getting it published. This is the plan, beyond trying to get temp work.

I’ve spent far too much time over the last two weeks wondering whether this is actually a viable plan, or whether I’m actually insane. Will I be able to get anything published? Actually, scratch that, will I even get anything finished enough to be comfortable sending it to a publisher? Further down the track, once the savings are dwindling, will I be able to eat, or pay rent, or pay bills? Will I end up with a massive credit card debt? Will I get sick of eating lentils and rice because I’m too poor to buy anything else?

And then on top of all of that I have to concentrate enough to be able to go to yoga classes, read all my text books and try and retain information about anatomy, philosophy and language.

What am I thinking, doing this?

Underneath all the worry, though, is bubbling excitement. Right now this feels a little crazy, but once I get a few things sorted out I’m sure I won’t look back.

In the meantime, this man will help me feel calm. Thank you, Mr Lidell.

3 thoughts on “Breathe, just breathe

  1. Definitely not insane, just following a dream! I’m thinking that temp work is an excellent way to get more money… the other way is getting some casual jobs with the theatres, merch, ticketing and front of house often need extra people. Glad that a bit of a colder change has come through, that heat was killing me! x

  2. Hey soph just home today and catching up on your blog 🙂 SO exciting!! I’m so glad you have taken the leap, congratulations and good luck!
    I’m so happy for you, it’s such an exciting year! xx

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