I’ve spent most of today planning out teaching schedules for the year. It’s been a little frustrating, but now that it’s done my life will be so much easier.

When I finished the overall plan, I realised that I should probably do the same with my various writing and yoga teaching projects — the bigger ones in particular. So tomorrow that’s probably what I’ll do.

Just now I’ve looked up yearly planners, and come across this one, which I really want. Because I work on so many different things at once, it’ll be good to be able use the whiteboard to plan one project, then put that plan in the documents I’ve made up elsewhere, wipe the whiteboard clean and start on the next project. Then when I’m done with everything I can put all the major projects up there together in brief. Woo.

Yeah. I’m a nerd.


So, ummm, I’m an iPhone nerd. I love the thing. And I thought that if I downloaded the wordpress application I might be more likely to update regularly. We’ll see.

This is a test post, just to see if it works. I don’t even have any writing or reading to write about on here today, since I’ve done neither today. I’m writing every second day at the moment, and today’s an off day. I don’t have a legitimate reason for the lack of reading, just that I didn’t feel like it on the train this morning.

That’s something I feel is important; allowing yourself to have a break, and (this is the bit I struggle with) not feeling too guilty about it. Sometimes I just need some time off reading and writing to feel like I even exist in the world, if that makes sense.

Tomorrow, though, is a writing day. I’m looking forward to my cup of tea and page of words to change.