So, ummm, I’m an iPhone nerd. I love the thing. And I thought that if I downloaded the wordpress application I might be more likely to update regularly. We’ll see.

This is a test post, just to see if it works. I don’t even have any writing or reading to write about on here today, since I’ve done neither today. I’m writing every second day at the moment, and today’s an off day. I don’t have a legitimate reason for the lack of reading, just that I didn’t feel like it on the train this morning.

That’s something I feel is important; allowing yourself to have a break, and (this is the bit I struggle with) not feeling too guilty about it. Sometimes I just need some time off reading and writing to feel like I even exist in the world, if that makes sense.

Tomorrow, though, is a writing day. I’m looking forward to my cup of tea and page of words to change.